Connect Real and Virtual Worlds
Enjoy the immersive virtual experiences and experience-to-earn-more-experiences to fulfill your 2nd life journey

VEXMETA (VEX Metaverse)

Virtual world that empowers and enriches your 2nd life

VEXMETA is a lifestyle and entertainment metaverse community with real-life applications. As VEXers (VEXMETA users), you can live, entertain, socialise, play, shop, interact, earn, trade and experience-to-earn-more-experiences here. Starting from PlanetVEX, you can navigate and transport to different virtual experiences including our VPlaza game center Kumamon Land virtual tourism destinations, Tatsunoko Japan interactive exhibitions and other virtual exhibitions such as Motor Show 2022, Kinmen Ocean Art Festival etc. Stay-tuned with our new metaverse projects!

Welcome to VEXMETA!

VEXMETA is an immersive, digital and highly potential metaverse world that allows you to enjoy an immersive, inspiring experience as a customized avatar. Blossom your second life as VEXMETA connects your real and virtual life.

Key Features of VEXMETA
New entertainment experiences
Enjoy the immersive 2nd life journey
Engage and get rewarded
O2O (online to offline)
Connect virtual experiences to physical consumption
Home ownership
Build your home in the virtual world
Create your own virtual planets
About VEX Limited
VEX is a metaverse company founded by a team of expertises in blockchain technology, entertainment, IP licensing & production, crypto payment, e-commerce and brand marketing; and dedicated to offer public the immersive user-driven virtual experiences through VEXMETA, a lifestyle and entertainment community ecosystem. Teamed up with renowned IPs (intellectual properties), creators, artists and entertainment performers, VEX redefine the value of NFT to experience-to-earn-more-experiences, offering new enchantments for users to live relentlessly in the boundless virtual 2nd life. Brand partners can also integrate their CRM, O2O and IP collaboration marketing opportunities in VEXMETA. VEX is also investing in technologies for the benefits of user privacy, personalization and NFT valuation in the metaverse evolution and is the pioneer in the development of Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs) and NFT Verification Technology.

Raymond Ma

CEO, Co-Founder

Tom Shum


Sion Yip


Florence Lau

General Manager

No Ng

Creative Director

Dicky Chan


Metaverse is the next generation internet that bridges physical and virtual realities, facilitated by augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. It’s a new interaction and engagement platform for users to socialize with the communities.
VEX continue to develop VEXMETA as a full-fledged, one-of-a-kind lifestyle and entertainment community ecosystem in this life-changing metaverse space.

VEXers live a truly immersive and boundless 2nd life in VEXMETA. In the graphics-intensive, dynamic experiential metaverse environment, VEXers own homes to stay and visit, enjoy multimedia entertainments, shows and exhibitions, socialise and interact with friends 24/7 around the globe, shop online and offline, play games and earn rewards, store their in-game assets on the blockchain and trade NFT assets in the secondary marketplace.
Besides the free experiential zones like VPlaza game zone, virtual exhibitions of different natures, VEXers can also enjoy unlimited access to unique IP collaborated experiences such as virtual tourism in Kumamon Land and Japan Tatsunoko virtual exhibition through purchased NFTs.
VEXMETA is a lifestyle entertainment community ecosystem in metaverse. VEXers can experience-to-earn-more-experiences and can also get extra benefits from brands partnering with VEXMETA.

In VEXMETA, there are unlimited experiences to be explored.

Through engaging and participating in VEXMETA games (at VPlaza game zone or inside IP planets such as Kumamon Land and Tatsunoko Virtual Exhibition), VEXers can earn VEXDora (VEXMETA currency) and collect puzzles.

By earning VEXDora and accumulating puzzles, VEXers can purchase NFTs and items to advance in the games and access more experiences.