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VEXMETA Metaverse

Better Tomorrow for 2nd Life Experience

There are multiple planets in the VEXMETA metaverse. VEXers (users) can start from PlanetVEX, travel between different planets, be in the world-renowned Japanese animation brand exhibition, walk into classic movie scenes, or immerse in concerts without spatial boundaries etc.

Welcome to VEXMETA!

VEXMETA is an immersive, digital and highly potential metaverse world that allows you to enjoy an immersive, inspiring experience as a customized avatar. Blossom your second life as VEXMETA connects your real and virtual life.

Key Features of VEXMETA
Innovative Entertainment Experience
Play to Earn
Offline to Online (O2O)
Learn to Build
About VEX
As an international IT and creative pioneer, VEX empowers intellectual property holders and creators to tell their stories to the world and to form unique communities through NFTs and a newly built metaverse - VEXMETA. With our expertise in blockchain technology and the use of NFTs, our diverse projects in metaverse present endless entertainment and financial opportunities. Especially, the development of the personalized NFT & Metaverse with “Play to earn” concept.

Raymond Ma

CEO, Co-Founder

Tom Shum


Sion Yip


Florence Lau

General Manager

No Ng

Creative Director

Dicky Chan


Metaverse has been positioned as the next generation internet that provides a way for us to make our physical lives seamlessly integrate with our virtual lives, creating real-time immersive experiences. The vision of VEXMETA is to become a full-fledged one-of-a-kind Metaverse with all its characteristics and functionality through step-by-step development, enhancement, and expansion.

Innovative metaverse-based games bring together users from around the world in an immersive virtual ecosystem. Unlike Web2 gaming, the metaverse curates a graphics-intensive, dynamic experiential environment for users to socialize and compete against each other. Leveraging NFT technology, users can store their in-game assets on the blockchain and trade them in secondary marketplaces.

Outside of gaming, there are plenty of applications for Metaverse technologies. On-chain immutability and cryptography help users indisputably prove ownership of their assets. Immersive experiences are useful in education and the entertainment industry.

Yes. The only way to receive NFTs issued by VEXMETA is by connecting an Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet.
The registration and wallet connection guide can be found HERE.